About Me

Hi there! I'm Inge, a serious fashionista.

Hi there and welcome! I am Inge van der Nest, I am a qualified Image

Consultant, Stylist and Makeup Artist. I was born and raised as a city girl

and have lived in a few places all over our beautiful country.

I completed my studies in BSc. Consumer Science in 2015 and

shortly after landed my first job in the corporate industry.


My love and passion for all things beautiful led me to also complete my course

in Image Consulting and shortly after doing a short course in pro makeup

application. This moulded my passions into one very fulfilling career.

Nothing makes me more content than helping someone to be and feel

even more beautiful and worthy than they already are! I love hearing

peoples stories (over a good cup of coffee), empowering them and just

having good conversations. This is probably why I enjoy the image

consulting and makeup industry so much.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get in

touch and create some magic together!